EDITH RUSS House of Media Art

The EDITH RUSS House of Media Art bears the name of the Oldenburg grammar school teacher Edith Maria Russ, who bequeathed her assets to the city on the condition that they would be used to create a...

Horst Janssen Museum Oldenburg

A museum devoted to Horst Janssen was founded in Oldenburg in the year 2000. Janssen (1929-1995) is regarded as one of the greatest drawers and illustrators of the 20th century...

State Museum of Art and Cultural History

The State Museum of Art and Cultural History is accommodated in three buildings; the Oldenburg Palace, the Augusteum and the Prince's Palace. Oldenburg Palace, the former residence of Count Anton...

State Museum of Nature and Man

The foundations of the museum were laid in 1835 when Grand Duke Paul Friedrich August commissioned the purchase of a collection of insects and birds. Ethnic objects and archaeological discoveries...

The Oldenburg Art Association

The work of contemporary artists whose reputation has spread beyond the region is exhibited in up to six temporary exhibitions in the "Small Augusteum" each year...

Municipal Museum

Both villas of the museum founder and benefactor Theodor Francksen (1875-1914) show the domestic culture of the gentry from the 17th century through to World War I, exhibited in more than 25 rooms...


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